Hippo trying to save a young impala from a croc

Via Gunslingergregi @ the chateau


” I grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts in the 80s…”


Owlcity’s Fireflies with some great video editing.

On social isolation

You want a social life, with friends.

A passionate love life and as well

To work hard every day. What’s true

Is of these three you may have two.

-Kenneth Koch

Computation and the two legs of Science

Some people believe that with the rise of efficient computational methods, machineries and problems which can only be solved computationally, computation has become a third leg of Science after Theory and Experimentation. In this article, Moshe Yardi argues that computation is an enabler to the two pre-existing legs of Science and it should not be treated as a new leg!

Airplanes in the night sky- B.O.B., Hayley, and Eminem

"Trust Me, I am an Expert!"

Continuing on the vein of Seth Roberts and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. David Friedman says that Experts are usually wrong.

I know just posting the links is stupid. My contribution only seems to be thinking of a good title and, in this case, I did not even have to do it. I just borrowed from the last line of David Friedman’s piece!

It takes mental capacity to write your opinion on these topics and better not to write anything lazily. So I just these links as a personal reference.